What city is Airedale Hospital in?

What city is Airedale Hospital in?

Steeton Airedale General Hospital is a district general hospital run by the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust in Steeton, Eastburn, West Yorkshire, England. It opened in 1995.

The trust also has hospitals in Keighley and Skipton. Its headquarters are in Halifax.

It was established through the merger of Steeton Airedale Health Centre and Outwood Grange Hospitals. The new hospital is more modern with better facilities than its predecessors. It has 88 beds and around 930 staff members.

The trust's chief executive is Andrew Wallis. He reports to the chairman, Sir William Foulkes, who does not have an active role in day-to-day management. Instead, it is led by a board of trustees made up of patients, staff, and local people.

Sir William was born in Airedale and grew up in nearby Outwood. After graduating from Oxford University, he went on to become one of Britain's leading heart surgeons. In 2001, he was knighted for his services to surgery. He now serves as president of the British Heart Foundation, a charity focused on fighting heart disease.

Of the three hospitals that make up the trust, Steeton Airedale General Hospital is the largest.

Are there any hospitals in the borough of Enfield?

The borough is home to two large NHS hospitals: Chase Farm Hospital, run by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and North Middlesex Hospital, run by the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. There are also several smaller hospital-affiliated health centers: Park House Medical Centre, Queen's Health Center, and St Thomas' Hospital.

Chase Farm and North Middlesex are the only two hospitals in England that offer all four medical specialties recognized by the UK medical profession: medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology (obstetrics for pregnant women), and psychiatry. The other health centers offer only some of these services. However, even if a hospital does not have every specialty center, most major operations are done there instead at one of the specialized facilities. In fact, according to the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, about 70% of its patients are treated at sites other than its own building.

North Middlesex operates a minor injuries unit near its main entrance on Park Road. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can treat people who have been involved in car accidents, falls, violence-related injuries, and other incidents that do not require admission to a hospital but which may still be serious enough to need medical attention.

Is there a real rampart hospital?

Rampart General Hospital, often known as Rampart Emergency Hospital, is the hospital featured in the series. Harbor General Hospital, located on the junction of Carson Street and Vermont Avenue in Carson, California, was the inspiration for the film. Rampart is currently known as Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

The film is now considered to be part of Hollywood history because it was here that doctors from all over the world came together to treat World War II casualties. The movie made its debut on August 7, 1966, at 8:30 pm. It ran for just under three hours with a total cost of $750,000. The final tally was $8 million after recouping its costs.

Harbor General was built in 1938 by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. The hospital initially had space for 200 patients but was later expanded to 400 beds. It remained open during the war years despite being used as a military hospital. After the war ended, the facility was closed for two years while renovations were done to make it suitable for use as an ordinary hospital. It finally reopened in 1951.

One of the most famous scenes from the film involves a car crash that takes place in front of the hospital's entrance. Two people are killed when their car hits a pneumatic tube mail system post.

What area is Stobhill hospital in?

How to Get to the Stobhill Campus The address of the hospital is 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow G21 3UW. Balgrayhill Road in Springburn also provides access to the hospital complex. A bus stop is located outside the main entrance on Balornock Road.

Stobhill Hospital was founded in 1875 by William Stobie as a private medical practice. It became a hospital in 1919 when it joined with other hospitals to form Southern General Hospital and Health Centre. In 1994, it became part of the new University Hospitals of Glasgow NHS Trust. Today, it is an affiliate centre of the Western Infirmary campus.

The hospital is set in a park-like environment and is surrounded by nursing schools, health centres, and doctors' offices. It has 556 beds and around 9,000 patients are treated here each year. Around 150 babies are born at the hospital every year. The staff numbers more than 1,200 people.

Stobhill is known for its rehabilitation services. Patients can be treated here for conditions such as arthritis, muscle wasting, brain injury, and spinal cord injuries. Also available are specialist programs for children with problems such as asthma or diabetes.

The hospital's major funders are the NHS and local government.

Which hospital is used in Coronation Street?

General Weatherfield Weatherfield General Hospital is the hospital in Weatherfield that the people of Coronation Street frequently visit when they want medical attention. Between 1976 and 1978, Emily Bishop worked as an orderly at the hospital. In 1979, Susan Barlow was admitted to the hospital after being involved in a car crash.

The hospital has been variously described as being located in "a busy street" with "no apparent sign of life outside it", and as being set in a "desert". It is a modern building with white walls and blue doors. There are gardens at the front which contain trees and flower beds. These were originally built by Elizabeth Banks, who played Carol Jackson from 1991 to 1992, but she sold them before she left the show. The current owners have not changed the gardens; instead, they use plants donated by Marlon Brando for his birthday in 1997.

Inside the hospital, patients' rooms are decorated in a minimalist style with white furniture and pale blue curtains. Each room also has a small kitchen area with a fridge, stove, and sink. There is a large ward with many beds in it, and a smaller private room called a "crash cart". The hospital's doctors and nurses work shifts so there will always be someone on duty when you need help.

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