Did Simon Cowell lose a lot of weight?

Did Simon Cowell lose a lot of weight?

Following a health concern, Simon Cowell dropped nearly 60 pounds on a plant-based diet. After a health emergency, Simon Cowell's doctor told him, "You have the worst diet of any patient I've ever met." That's when America's Got Talent's famously severe judge decided to overhaul his relationship with food. He started by eliminating processed foods from his diet and now eats only vegetables and fruits.

Cowell says he lost the weight to prevent another health crisis and has kept it off by eating only plants for three months out of the year. The remaining months include periods where he eats meat as well as other foods such as potatoes and cookies.

In 2014, after appearing on the show, he told Women's Health that he had lost 10 pounds through exercise and changing his diet and said that he wanted to keep it off long term. However, in a 2015 interview with Daily Mail, he admitted that while he was happy with his weight loss, it might not last. "I may get sick or something may happen that makes me need to eat badly again," he said. "But at least I'm taking care of myself.""

Currently, Cowell is reported to be back in the studio recording new music with Mark Ronson. The duo previously worked together on "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer which went on to become one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Why has Simon Cowell lost a lot of weight?

Simon adopted a vegan diet after seeking medical advice from a physician. Simon disclosed to Extra in May 2020 that he had dropped about four stone by adopting the meat-and-dairy-free diet. "I guess I've lost 60 pounds since I started this diet a year ago," he added in the interview. His diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. He also includes some protein-rich foods such as soy products, chickpeas, quinoa, and lentils in his daily meal plan.

In 2018, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Simon announced that he was suffering from obesity issues and needed to lose weight for his own health. At the time, he said that he was eating too much meat and not enough plants.

Since then, he has gone vegan part-time and says it has helped him lose weight and get healthy.

His wife Lauren is also a vegan and they both follow a plant-based diet.

Lauren introduced her husband to a vegan diet when they were dating. She told The Sun: "When we first met, I didn't want him to go vegan, but once he explained his reasons, I supported him completely."

As far as Simon is concerned, being vegan makes sense for environmental reasons too.

When did Simon Cowell make a lifestyle change?

Simon previously stated that after going down the stairs in the middle of the night in October 2017, he recognized he needed to make a major lifestyle shift. I adjusted my diet within 24 hours and haven't looked back since. According to Simon, this shift included giving up meat, sugar, and gluten.

He also started exercising regularly again. Before his fall, he would work out for an hour every other day but now he works out five times a week for between 30 minutes and 1 hour each time.

In addition to these changes, Simon says he now sleeps more than six hours a night for the first time in years.

He has also stopped taking drugs to treat his pain and now relies only on exercise and natural remedies to deal with the issue.

Looking back, Simon says it's clear to him now that he was suffering from depression and anxiety before he fell down the stairs. He had been trying to self-medicate this problem away by drinking too much alcohol and taking prescription drugs, which contributed to his fall down the stairs.

After the incident, he visited several doctors who all advised him to stop drinking and taking drugs, so he decided to quit cold turkey. Within one month of stopping alcohol and drugs, his mood improved greatly and he hasn't looked back since then.

Why did Simon Cowell fall down the stairs?

Simon Cowell has committed to modify his lifestyle for the benefit of his three-year-old son, Eric, after disclosing that his catastrophic fall last week was caused by low blood pressure. The 58-year-old "X Factor" judge confesses he was lucky to survive after collapsing and going down the stairs. A doctor who treated him said Cowell had a 10 percent chance of survival.

After weeks of absence, Cowell returned to Los Angeles on Thursday night where he attended the premiere of "The X Factor" season four at the Landmark Theater. The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. when Cowell went downstairs with his son to take pictures with fans. He told E! News, "We went down to say hello to everyone and took some photos. I then realized I didn't have my phone with me so went back upstairs to get it. By this time, little Eric wanted to go home so we called our driver and got in the car."

Cowell added, "I then fell down the stairs. My wife found me at the bottom of the stairs in a coma. I think she knew something wasn't right because they were saying on TV that I had fallen down the stairs. She called our publicist who called an ambulance which took me to the hospital. I was told I had a 10 percent chance of surviving so I'm really happy to be alive."

Does Simon Cowell eat meat?

Simon, 60, turned vegan following a health scare in 2017, dropping four stone in the process, but his new quandary has caused him to back to eating meat as well as chocolate. 'His diet is really healthy, but when you're on the mend, nothing beats classic English comfort meals and indulgences. 'He eats chicken breast and salmon every day,' a source told The Sun Online.

Cowell was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year (2017). He had been drinking water with lemon juice to lose weight and assumed the illness was just part of getting older until it returned two months later. This time around, his doctors put him on medication which he said made him feel like "a zombie".

After hearing this, they told him that if he wanted to get better, he needed to change what he was eating. So, he quit sugar and alcohol for five weeks - and dropped out of work - to focus on his health. Since then, he has been following a plant-based diet that excludes all animal products including meat, dairy, and eggs. His doctor says that if he continues down this path, he will be able to return to work within a month or so.

You might wonder how someone as famous as Cowell can afford a vegan diet. Well, according to reports, he uses his wealth to buy organic produce and products without any additives. He also works with a chef who prepares only vegan food.

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